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You Need To Know Regarding Party Wall Surveyor

Before venturing out on your journey to draft a party wall agreement and subsequently erect a wall as a separation between properties, you should very carefully evaluate both qualitatively and quantitatively whether your decision is not just in your best interest but also that in your neighbors’ because dropping a letter out of the blue to them could be intimidating and would only sour the relationship. Once both parties have had a friendly exchange of words about the idea, you should show them your plans and ideas about the same and try to get them on board with it without causing any kind of strain between the relations. Once consensus has been reached, then and only then should you seek the services of a party wall surveyor north london.

Possible scenarios

There is always a 50% chance at the very least that your neighbor may not be savvy with your plans. In such a situation, getting a surveyor should be the priority just so everything can be settled easily. If your neighbor gets on board without any hassle, then there are absolutely no worries; you may draft the agreement or get a professional to do so. However, if they are not cool with your idea, you may adopt one of the following means-

  • Send a formal notice with an attached letter of acknowledgment. Given that your neighbor already said no to your idea, chances are definitely in the favor of them not signing it. If somehow they have a change of heart, no harm no foul. However, if they don’t reply within 14 days, it is treated as dissent in which both parties should appoint a mutually selected party wall specialist who shall come up with an Award containing all the details of the work.
  • If for some reason, you and your neighbor are not able to find a neutral party wall surveyor London, then both of them need to find individual surveyors who shall negotiate with each other on the neighbor’s behalf and try to achieve common ground.

What to expect from a surveyor

Very frankly, a surveyor only acts as a mediator between you and your neighbor just so that all formalities and legalities are straightened out without leaving any details so that the whole process of the building of a structure can go as smoothly as possible.

A party wall surveyor North London shall also take away your worries of drafting the letter to send to the concerned party. Apart from their standard fee, you also shall have to bear the cost of the stamps, paperwork, and everything else that goes into drafting the same. If your neighbor rejects the proposal, then the surveyor shall move on to offering an ‘Award’ which is nothing but a revised agreement with some changes to the original proposal. These changes are made in a manner that appeals to the best interests of both parties which is achieved by having both parties sit down and discuss the issues in length and coming up with viable solutions to them.


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